Financial Market

Financial market in Albania is one of the most formalized markets, that depends  in technological developments and IT investments. In this point for view arises the need of leading developments in information technology sector, not only as the need of finding fast and efficient ways in gathering information but also to maintain security systems that will be implemented.

Albanian financial market needs services by specialists 24 hours 7 days, since is required full function of systems. In addition one of the frequent need of this market also seems to be the maintaining of maximum security to the flow of information.  For this we offer solutions based on best international experience and expertise. Based on these solutions we offer local expertise, personalization / location, business integration, training and support.


  • Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP)
  • System Human Resources Management
  • Document Management and Solutions in Business Process Management
  • Business Intelligence Solutions and Social Network
  • Customers Relationship Management and Customers Interaction Solutions
  • System Integration
  • Network Security
  • Application Security
  • IT Management Solutions
  • IP Telephony Solutions
  • Call Centre
  • Mailing Solutions
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