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Solutions is currently represent the main focus of TETRA Solutions. We consider carefully and try to lead us the market and our client’s needs. Among the main solutions offered by the TETRA Solutions, the most important related to the banking sector are solutions and implementations for Security Products, Cooperation System, ERP Solutions, Network, System Management and Solutions in IT Management.

With advices comes in a full package the implementation of our solutions. In addition to business solutions, we provide the implementation of advanced infrastructure solutions. In these settings belong clustering and RAC configuration, solutions and implement in data center and recovery of data disaster, content switching platforms in Linux, Windows, Unix, network infrastructure management and solutions in IT management.

Our experts will also implement voice and video solutions for IP telephony, data recording, voice messaging, etc. In professional implementation of security solutions you can distinguish identity and access system, network and perimeter security, databases and data security, internet content management, authentity of PKI and digital signature solutions.

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