Increasingly more companies and institutions are demanding faster service, quality and at any time. In information technology every error and delay has large cost . For this reason companies require parallel specialists to their IT staff , ensuring in this way that will take advice on matters can not solve, faster service and full attention to their systems.

TETRA Solutions provides consultancy and support
in advanced services. You will find creation and implementation in security consulence. In our services are present IT management, design of infrastructure implementation and training services. We offer support service at any time, 24 hours per 7 days a week. For any blackout of the system, interest, a problem that you can’t choose, our specialists will help you giving their assistance.

For similar situations, when the equipment does not operate we have a solution: stock of equipment, which can be used immediately. Now is not necessary to wait the arrival of the equipment after 2 or 3 weeks, while your system is out of function, suspending work in your businesses or institutions. A phone call and you will have the solution.

Through an electronic message in our web you will get our specialist’s support, who will soon turn their responses to issues that concern you. It is true that you already have your IT specialist, but issues and problems that can arise are so varied, as their areas of expertise can not cover everything. You have the possibility to communicate with the our network, infrastructure and security experts.


Clustering and Rac Configuration
Data Center & disaster recovery solutions
Content Switching Platform
Advanced support in Linux. Windows, Unix

Network Management
Support 24x7 days
Security Consulence and design
Constancy on system and application design


- Full expertise in all IT components starting from networking, infrastructure and operational systems, business advice, safety information and education.
- Full cycle services to companies.
-Services parallel with the latest information about market.
- Implement IT solutions, security and reliability.
- Focused on people and on technology putting in this way the technology in use of the clients.
- Full service in the interest of your needs and friendly.

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