TETRA Solutions provides solutions and technology based on best international expertise and modern technology. Operating as a focused service oriented company on a defined and focused market; we have defined and developed services and solutions which are in line with the actual developments and needs of our customers. TETRA Solutions has gained several awards and partnership with most valuable international best companies in technology like Oracle, Microsoft, McAfee, IronPort, Gemalto, Verisign, CipherOptics and we continuously define and adopt our services in order to provide our customers with the most advanced, modern and reliable technologies and solutions in the international market.

Solutions are representing the actual main focus of TETRA Solutions. We carefully consider overall market and our client requirements and try always to lead their needs. Amongst main system solutions offered by CCS, the most important ones and related to banking sectors are as follows: Security products, System collaboration systems and solutions, ERP Solutions, Network and system management, IT Management solutions ect.


Business Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning
HR Management
Document and Process Management
Business Inteligence Reporting
Anti-money Laundering Solutions
Customer Relationship Management

Voice and Video Solutions

IP Telephony Solution
Voice Messaging
Call Recording
Video Conferencing and Office
Call Center
VOIP Solutions

Security Solutions

Identity and Access Management
Network and Perimeter Security
Databases and Data Security
Internet Content Management


- Full expertise in all IT components starting from networking, infrastructure and operational systems.
- Full cycle services to companies.
- Services in parallel with the latest information to market.
- Implement IT solutions, security and reliability.
- A service in the interest of your needs,full and friendly.

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