TETRA Solutions has a team of qualified administrators for Person VUE and Prometric according to established standards. Through testing in TETRA Solutions you will find correct process, honesty, following of all process steps, mounting available information necessary for the testing rules, the correct management of data near the TETRA Solutions and those conducted online, correct management and impartial to candidates during the examination, special testing room for candidates and making available testing scores reports under the rules that the applicant signed.

TETRA Solutions is Pearson Vue Authorized Test Center in Information Technology. Being Pearson VUE Authorized Test Center, enables testing of knowledge of some of the most important qualifications known companies such as Adobe, Comptia, Linux Proffesional Institute (LPI), Nokia Siemens Networks, Novell, Nokia, etc.. Pearson VUE offers exams online through a secure network of test centers in 165 countries worldwide.

Register online for the exam : www.vue.com/programs/

TETRA Solutions is Prometric Test Center in Information Technology. TETRA Solutions tested candidate qualifications knowledge in Microsoft, Dell Computers, EMC, Fujitsu, Google, Juniper Networks, etc.. Prometric offers a wide and professional network testing in about 160 countries of the world. An online testing near TETRA Solutions and certificate arrives at your door!

Register online for the exam : www.prometric.com

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